Recognizes The Bureau of Small Projects as a Premiere California Agency

Established in 2013, The Bureau of Small Projects has created big brand experiences for hundreds of small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and non-profits. While no one builds websites that convert better than we do, a great website without traffic is a non-starter.

As in romance, where you have to date before getting married – we know companies need to create a relationship with website visitors, first and foremost. Once you’ve created that relationship, it’s time to help them with their goals. We excel at all aspects of this process.

As a result of our client successes, has recognized us as a leading advertising and marketing agency in California.

Located in the heart of Washington D.C., Clutch is a B2B site that rates and reviews agencies in various industries. Their goal is to connect businesses with the ideal firm to resolve a specific need. Based on a unique methodology, they rank hundreds of agencies by evaluating their ability to deliver high-quality work to their clients, their attentive customer service, and their impressive portfolios of diverse projects and clientele.

Clutch analysts spoke directly with our clients to assess these areas. Based on their research not only were we included in the 2019 B2B report, but we were ranked #5 in their Leaders Matrix out of 600+ branding agencies in Los Angeles.

In addition to holding this highly coveted position, our success is also shared on Clutch’s sister sites: The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest publishes state-of-tech news and how-to guides for businesses, assisting them in simplifying their hunt for solutions providers. You can find us listed here among other web developers in Los Angeles. Likewise, Visual Objects is a platform that displays previous portfolios of firms like web development companies for potential clients to view.

It is an honor to have received this esteemed award from Clutch. We’ve been working with them for quite some time and the quality of their referrals is second to none.

We’d like to thank the folks at Clutch for a wonderful relationship that keeps getting better.

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