Lately, I’ve become fascinated by luck and specifically how MY (already good) luck can be improved.  Can you ever have too much luck?

Then, as I learned more about it, I wondered if I could  integrate luck with branding.

At my agency, we have found ourselves in a position (knock on wood) where we have too many leads. This affords us the opportunity to pick and choose our clients as well as take a few risks.

This happened entirely by accident. We opened our doors five years ago after my old firm produced a documentary about the benefits of being nice. This was not a “feel good” film about putting good vibes out to the universe and having them come back. It was a documentary grounded in hard science that featured visionaries from institutions like Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Berkley who had scientifically proven that kindness was a means to success. I was so inspired that I decided to put those values to the test by founding an agency that applied the principles of kindness to marketing and branding.

More recently, I decided to use the same approach, but with luck.

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